Laboratory Facilities

The Department has very good infrastructure with a a laboratory and dark room . A large number of students make use of the departmental library. This lab contains the equipments like Spectrometer, Travelling Microscope, Meter bridge, Potentiometer, Airwedge kit, Poiseulle’s flow Apparatus, Semiconducting Laser, Fibre Optics Trainer. The experiments like Electrical Resistance and thermal conductivity of metals, Wavelength of light sources, Thickness of thin wires/sheets in the order of micrometers, Viscosity of liquids, Particle size analysis, Wavelength of Laser, Numerical aperture & acceptance angle, Young’s modules of the solids are performed in the laboratory.

Chemistry Laboratory

Major Equipments:
  • Pipette
  • Brutte & 50t capacity
  • Acids
  • Flasks
  • Gasoline
  • Salt

Physics Lab

Major Equipments:
  • Laser
  • Prism
  • Scale
  • Vernier Calipper
  • Wire
  • Optics