Laboratory Facilities

Now a day’s industries are having lot of changes because of technological developments and the same creates better environment to manufactured components. CNC machining is one of the widely accepted machining methods, which provides lesser manufacturing lead-time and accuracy to the components. Therefore studying the fundamentals, construction details and other controls are very much essential for the Mechatronics engineering students.

Sensors And Signal Processing Lab

Major Equipments:
  • Temperature measurement module (RTD, Thermocouple, Thermistor)
  • Displacement measurement module (LVDT, POT, Capacitive Transducers)
  • Torque and Strain Measurement Module
  • DC motor speed control and Servo motor position control system
  • NI LABVIEW 2014 Software with DAQ System
  • Optical Encoders and Load Cell

Microcontroller AND PLC Lab

Major Equipments:
  • 8051 Microcontroller Trainer Kit
  • Stepper motor and DC motor Interfaces
  • Alan Bradley PLC and GE Fanuc PLC Trainer with Interfaces
  • ADC and DAC Interfaces
  • Arduino Uno Development board with sensors and motors kit
  • Traffic Light Controller and DC motor Speed Control Modules

Robotics Lab

Major Equipments:
  • 3 DOF Robotic Arm
  • Humanoid Robot Module
  • Line Follower Robot Module
  • RoboAnalyzer and MATLAB Software

Mechatronics Lab

Major Equipments:
  • Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • Hydraulics linear actuation system Trainer
  • PLC based advanced Electro Pneumatic trainer Trainer
  • Integrated Process Station for Flow,Temperature and Pressure measurement
  • Servo motor controller interface (Open and closed loop)
  • Speed control system for AC & DC drives


Major Equipments:
  • Hytech CNC Mill Trainer , Gedee Weiler CNC Lathe
  • • CNC Simulation Trainer Software