• Machine Vision System
  • Drives and Controls
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Flexible Manipulator
  • Robotics
  • Low Energy Space Cooling

Co-curricular Activities

SNo Title Date Description
01 MCT-Department Association Function (Guest Lecture) 2/27/2017 Mr.G.R.Hari Venkata Gopal, Associate Project Manager, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited, Coimbatore
02 "Autotics 2.0" Hands on Training Workshop on Bike Engine Assembly 2/24/2017 P.Xavier Jaganathan and team Goodwin Motors, Chennai.
03 Hands on Training Workshop on “Industrial Automation using PLC, HMI and SCADA” 2/17/2017 & 2/18/2017 Mr.S.Dilipan Babu, Application Engineer, Inventor Automation, Coimbatore.
04 Workshop on "LABVIEW Programming and Sensor interfacing with DAQ" 7/15/2016 & 7/16/2016 Mr.R.Murugananthan, Application Engineer, Innovative Invaders, Coimbatore
05 Autotics - Association Inauguration 7/14/2016 Mr.V.Prabhu Raghvendra, Technical Lead, CTS, Coimbatore
06 AUTOTICS WORKSHOP 3/11/2016 Ambal Autos Training Institute
07 Mr.Viswanathan.T , Chief Technology Officer, MAXBYTE Technologies Pvt.Ltd., will give a guest lecture on the Topic “Matlab and its Applications in Engineering” on 2nd March 2016, the program is org 3/2/2016 Mr.Viswanathan.T , Chief Technology Officer, MAXBYTE Technologies Pvt.Ltd
08 Guest Lecture 3/2/2016 Mr.T.Vishwanathan - Chief Technology Officer-Maxbyte Technologies Pvt Ltd-Coimbatore
09 Mechatronics Systems Applications for Mechanical Engineers 2/26/2016 Mr.K.Senthil Kumar
10 "Avatar-15" National level technical symposium 11/29/2015 Mr.Raju, Project Manager, Robert Bosch, Coimbatore
11 "Backspaze-15" National level technical symposium 12/13/2015 Dr.Murali, CEO, Accenture, Chennai
12 "Imagine 15" Technical Quiz for Engineering Students 11/29/2015 Mr.M.Ramkumar,AP/CSE
13 "TechMaze15" 10/12/2015 Mr.Vijayakumar, Project Manager, Robert Bosch