Laboratory Facilities

Now a day’s industries are having lot of changes because of technological developments and the same creates better environment to manufactured components. CNC machining is one of the widely accepted machining methods, which provides lesser manufacturing lead-time and accuracy to the components. Therefore studying the fundamentals, construction details and other controls are very much essential for the Mechatronics engineering students.

Power System Simulation Laboratory Lab

Major Equipments:
  • Traffic Light Interface, Elevator Interface, Keyboard and display Interface board, 2 channel DAC interface board, 8-Channel ADC interface board, Stepper Motor Controllers with motor, DC motor speed measurement & control module
  • KEIL/PK51-ED Software: C51 Professional Developer’s Kit, Keil MDK-ARM-ED10 development kit, Keil ULINK2-ED USB/JTAG adapter, JTAG Emulator, Peripheral Explorer Kit for C2000 Real Time Controllers, C2000 Launch Pad, Real view Microcontroller development kit

Power Electronics and Drives LaboratoryLab

Major Equipments:
  • SCR, MOSFET, IGBT – Trainer Modules
  • Single phase and Three phase – Half and Fully controlled AC-DC converter
  • Series and Parallel Inverter, Single Phase PWM Inverter and Three Phase IGBT based PWM Inverter, FPGA based five level inverter and Single phase AC Voltage Controller using SCR and TRIAC
  • Three phase AC Voltage Controller , Dual Converter , Bridge and Midpoint Cyclo-converter Trainer
  • DSP based speed control of Three phase Induction Motor Drive
  • VVVF Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive (Power Transistor based)
  • VVVF Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive (IGBT based)
  • 2 & 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Agilent, Tektronics, Lecroy, Gwinstek Make), True RMS Multimeter (Fluke, Agilent, Motewane)
  • Power Quality Analyzer (Fluke 434), LUX Meter, IR Thermometer (Fluke – 62 Mini)

Electrical Machines Laboratory Lab

Major Equipments:
  • Single-Phase Auto Transformer
  • Single-Phase Two Winding Transformer
  • 3-Phase Auto Transformer
  • 3-Phase Transformer
  • Teaser Transformer
  • Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
  • DC Motor Coupled with Three Phase Alternator
  • 3-Phase Slip- Ring Induction Motor coupled with DC Generator
  • Cascaded Induction Motor set
  • Single Phase Capacitor Start Induction Motor
  • DC machine coupled with Synchronous Machine (Pilot Exciter as starter)
  • Induction Generator coupled with DC shunt motor

Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory Lab

Major Equipments:
  • Function generator with arbitrary waveform generator
  • Analog oscilloscope – Dual channel Oscilloscope
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope – 2 channel and 4 channel
  • Function Generators
  • Bluetooth Multimeter
  • LUX meter
  • LCR meter
  • Analog and Digital IC Tester (ADIT-40)

Electron Devices and Circuits LaboratoryLab

Major Equipments:
  • DC servo motor
  • 2 Phase AC Servomotor
  • Compensator Design System
  • Process Control Simulator
  • Servo Motor AC Position Control System Magnetic levitation system
  • Servo Motor DC Position Control System
  • Stepper Motor Control System

Instrumentation and Control Laboratory Lab

Major Equipments:
  • DC servo motor
  • 2 Phase AC Servomotor
  • Process Control Simulator
  • Compensator Design System
  • Servo Motor AC Position Control System
  • Servo Motor DC Position Control System
  • Stepper Motor Control System
  • Magnetic levitation system

Circuit Theory Laboratory Lab

Major Equipments:
  • Multisim Software
  • Higher Order Network system
  • Transients Trainer system
  • Synchro Devices