In 2013, this programme was started to train up to 10,000 teachers at a time, using 338 established Remote Centers across India by IIT Bombay. IIT Kharagpur is a partner Institution with IIT Bombay. Mission is to train 1, 50,000 teachers over the next three years. The ‘Train 10,000 Teachers’ (T10kT) uses the AVIEW framework developed by Amrita University, which provides an interactive social environment through the internet, for e-learning, and communicating and interacting with people at different places. It is used to deliver and transmit live lectures given by faculty at IIT, to all RC

Objective of this project is to Empower the Students & Teachers through Synchronous & Asynchronous Instruction and it is funded by National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India)."Train 10 thousand teachers" is a major initiative under the NMEICT, in which IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bombay are working as partner institutes to improve the teaching skills of engineering college teachers of the country in core Engineering and Science subjects.


SNo Program Organizer Beneficiary Department Workshop Title Duration No. of Internal Participants No. of External Participants Fund Received (Rs.)
1 IIT Bombay CSE / IT Cyber Security 10.07.14 - 20.07.14 (Two Weeks) 18 - 122954.00
2 IIT Bombay CSE Computer Networking 30.06.14 - 05.07.14 (One Weeks) 16 - 76054.00
3 IIT Bombay CSE / IT Computer Programming 16.06.14 - 21.06.14 (One Weeks) 20 - 81054.00
4 IIT Kharagpur Mech / Civil Fluid Mechanics 20.05.14 - 30.05.14 (Two Weeks) 18 11 176444.00
5 IIT Kharagpur ECE / EEE Signals and Systems 02.01.14 - 12.01.14 (Two Weeks) 30 - 158012.00
6 IIT Kharagpur ECE/EEE Signals and Systems 02.01.14 - 12.01.14 (Two Weeks) 30 - 209900.00